Talk Breathe Live

with Darlene Wierski-Devoe

You've Got This! Let's find out how!

Coaching One-on-One Session

This one-on-one coaching helps heart-centered people actively explore, hear and know that they are more than what is on the surface.


Talk Breathe Live your most authentic life!

Each monthly session will build on the next. Leaning into the path of discovering your authentic truth with this 3-month coaching program.

Rise above the chaos. Participants may find positive results such as:

  • connection to your breath
  • find clarity, confidence and empowerment to move forward
  • turning the mess into your message

It begins by talking about your passion, intentions and goals. Then moves to your breath, connecting to the energy of your body. Then taking all you’ve uncovered and discovered bringing it into your world – knowing that you are living a life of true purpose and intention. Living your authentic life.

You got this!

3 x 1-hour (monthly sessions) One-time fee of $250.00 for all 3 sessions. Pay prior to the start of the first session.

Coaching One-on-One Session

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