Talk Breathe Live

with Darlene Wierski-Devoe

You've Got This! Let's find out how!

Meet Darlene
Transformational Coach

Live your life with purpose, passion & authenticity!

My life has had its share of hardships. You know, those life experiences that knock us to the ground and we pick ourselves back up. Life has also been a beautiful flow of kindness, support, reverence, moments that took my breath away and of finding my “why” – finding me.

Trauma, grief, loss, anxiety, hardships, surgeries, raising kids, financial stress, relationships ending, beliefs that have taken me my entire to understand that they no longer serve me – this is my authentic life.

All of this has been the catalyst for something bigger, stronger, beautiful, graceful and unique to me – it’s a privilege to have lived this life. I want to share my gifts of wisdom, strength and resilience in the world. To be of service to a community of heart-centred people who deep down know that they got this, they just need a little support getting there! My mission is to coach, motivate and empower people so they can rediscover their own natural amazing strengths and ability – their authentic truth – to achieve their life goals.

You come as you are. Your own insight and ideas will come to life and you move forward knowing that no matter what is at the heart of it, “You got this!”

Sending so much gratitude your way,