Talk Breathe Live

with Darlene Wierski-Devoe

Such beauty lies in silence…

“I give myself the gift of silence. The gift of being with my self, my whole self. What lies inside is a treasure.”

Silence is needed to reflect, repair, renew that which is challenged, broken, tired. When we listen to our inner voice that begs for peace, calm, reflection the temporary step back is a catalyst for beautiful things moving forward. I’ve been silent for a while to do just that – reflect, repair and renew.
My soul needed to find itself again amidst turbulence. I allowed myself the gift of time and silence.

Here’s a thought for today.
✨What will you gift yourself today that brings you closer to your true authentic self?

Remember it doesn’t have to be big or grand. Align with yourself, your soul, what sits at the back of your mind that your body, mind or soul are asking for. Small steps are important steps.

You got this!