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“The Bean Story” – Hardcover Edition

Welcome to the heartwarming world of ‘The Bean Story,’ where a journey of self-discovery awaits! Within the pages discover the power of kindness, belief in oneself, and the joy of embracing emotions. Perfect for young readers, this captivating tale is filled with whimsical illustrations and valuable life lessons that inspire imagination and warm the heart. Let the magic of storytelling ignite the imagination of children everywhere!


Something is sprouting, and it’s not just the beans! 

Dig into the pages of this heartwarming story of a young girl and her mother who embark on a journey together. Is the soil too dry? Is the soil too hard? How will anything grow? No matter how many doubts the mother has or what obstacles stand before the little garden, the daughter never gives up hope that the beans will grow.

Together, as they nurture the vegetables with love and kindness, they uncover a hidden treasure. What wisdom does this garden have to share?

Are you ready to dig in?
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